Graphy | Learn Palmistry with Rajiv The Healer by Rajiv The Healer
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Hi! I'm Rajiv Sood, an Astrologer and Palmist with 10+ years of astrology and palmistry experience.A YouTuber with more than 700K Subscribers. I have read 100+ books on Palmistry and Astrology. Currently, Sharing my Knowledge with all of you through my First Graphy.
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Learn Palmistry with Rajiv The Healer
In this Graphy, Rajiv starts with the basics of palmistry to help you understand everything about Palm Reading. You will learn how to start reading hand lines by your self. It will help you to understand the nature of your friends, relatives, near and dear ones by just seeing their hand lines. Apart from that, you can also know what is going to happen in your future through the deep knowledge of palmistry. This Graphy will teach you palmistry step by step through easy video tutorials.Purchasing this Graphy gives you access to complete Graphy along with all the upcoming chapters. So, lets start exploring future.
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