Graphy | Learn ABC's - English Alphabet for Kids by Tea Time with Tayla
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"Tea Time with Tayla" is an entertaining and educational show for kids, children, and preschoolers.Episodes include nursery rhymes, kids songs, ABC's, letters, numbers, colors, and so much more! Parents, Tayla's spunky and outgoing personality keeps viewers engaged, so your toddlers and babies can have fun while learning. Teachers, let your little ones in kindergarten, preschool, or homeschool interact with each exciting episode as they sing, dance, learn new things, and prepare for their bright future!
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Learn ABC's - English Alphabet for Kids
This ABC Graphy from "Tea Time with Tayla" includes fun educational phonics videos for your children. They will learn each letter of the English Alphabet, Sing the ABC Song, and ride the Alphabet Train. Join Tayla in this comprehensive and interactive collection of ABC Graphies for kids. If you want to give your kids a head start on their education, then let them watch and learn their ABC's with Tea Time with Tayla's, "Learn ABC's, English Alphabet for Kids".

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