Graphy | Journey Into Inner Alignment by Greta Tigras
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Greta Tigras is a Holistic Wellness Coach & Intuitive Healer with experience in the field over 8 years.Her teachings are deeply rooted in yogic tradition, combining ancient yogic techniques with the modern mindfulness and a touch of mysticism...
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Journey Into Inner Alignment
This Graphy is all about de-stressing, find the inner peace and re-aligning yourself with your highest potential. I will be introducing you to ancient yogic breathing techniques which will help you to open up your intuitive channels so that You can receive the divine guidance. You will be introduced into various interesting topics such as law of attraction, synchronicity, energy healing etc.And in addition to this You will get access to in to sound healing meditations which will help you to elevate your frequency, heal your emotional traumas and will help You to let go of what is no longer serving You. Life coaching lessons integrated into this course will help you to deepen your self-awareness and will help you to become the person that You always wanted to be !
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