Graphy | Journey In - A Pathway to your Mental Well-Being by Savita Mandhana
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A psychologist, counsellor, life coach & internationally certified & licensed 'Heal your Life'workshop leader, USA. I offer world class content designed to create radical shifts and help people unfold a new spectrum of possibilities & live their best life. I work extensively with individuals to bring about a transformation in their lives through one on one sessions & workshops. These are focused on assisting people to address challenges in their personal, professional and academic lives.
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Journey In - A Pathway to your Mental Well-Being
Let's prep ourselves for the "New Normal"- Expect the Unexpected... The buzzword today is immunity. While we are ensuring our physical immunity, are we ignoring our mental immunity?? In all likelihood, the answer is YES!! Good mental health is a precursor to good physical health. This Graphy will work as a vaccine to protect you from anxiety & depression. The one skill that is going to build inner strength & make us mentally strong is RESILIENCE.It's time to learn strategies to build greater resilience & mental strength, break the cycle of negativity & develop a positive mindset. This Graphy offers you tested & practical recipes backed by scientific research to master this skill. Become your own therapist & live an empowered, happy & joyful life. Journey In is an empowering experience to emerge mentally strong. Together we can...
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