Graphy | Intuitive Art - Defining Hidden Messages in Abstract Art by Sheldene Papasidero
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I'd like to say I am a very go with the flow kind of artist and mum and an all round chilled out fellow human being.I find inspiration in all things around me and I particularly enjoy bringing that out through my art. I'm also very inspired to share and love showing others whether they are an artist or not how to be creativity active and inspired.
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Intuitive Art - Defining Hidden Messages in Abstract Art
This Graphy is for anyone who enjoys taking some time for themselves to be immersed in a creative energy. You don't need to be an artist or have any experience in painting to enjoy this Graphy. Here is where I guide you to allowing yourself some 'you' time to be creative and also find some hidden guidance within your creation. Essentially we create a comfortable space and paint an abstract art piece.From that abstract painting we look for and define particular animals or items or figures we can see in it. We then explore what those symbols mean to us and thus find its hidden message. After this Intuitive art experience you will walk away with art that isn't just colour on paper but a complete message of inspiration that you can use as guidance in your day to day life journey. It helps you make time for yourself, because that is important. And with it you enhance your intuitive power.
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