Graphy | Introduction to Shotokan Karate by Shotokan Instagram
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Hello there! I will introduce you to karate in a fun and instructive way.
Introduction to Shotokan Karate
In my graphy you'll learn the basics of Shotokan karate. Chapter 1: Stances & Punches - How to stand?, Straight punch,... Chapter 2: Kicks - Front kick, side kick, back kick,... Chapter 3: Defence blocks - How to block a punch?, How to block a kick?,... Chapter 4: Heian Shodan - The first kata with all the previous techniques. Chapter 5: Efficiancy - How to punch efficiant?,How to kick efficiant? Chapter 6: Kumite - An exercise with partner Chapter 7: Uraken - Side punch with movements Chapter 8: Movements - How to move fast? Chapter 9: Combinations - Combine all the techniques
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