Graphy | Introduction to Photoshop - Basics for Beginners by Nicos Vachnadze
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Full time graphic designer and founder of Ninja Graphics. My first love of graphic design was discoveredwhile living in Berlin and attending an event for digital artists where I won a Wacom pad in a drawing competition. Prior to that, I have only used non-digital media such as drawing or painting to create, but after discovering what I could do with Adobe products, I have been addicted to graphic design and have been married to the profession ever since.
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Introduction to Photoshop - Basics for Beginners
In this Graphy learn the basics of Photoshop and master the art of editing with this ultimate guide to Photoshop! In this Graphy,I will be covering - - Tools - Basics of what every tool does - How Photoshop Layers work - Color Adjustments - Camera Raw Filter - Marquee Tools - Removing Backgrounds - Short Project * - Content-Aware Fill - Healing Brush - Clone Tool - Retouching - Cropping Images - Text and Type - Transforming/Warping/Distorting - Face Swap - Gradients - Adding Noise - Abstract Banner Design - Exporting Files - Image Compression - Get inspired - How to find new inspiration for your projects Let's Start this journey!
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