Graphy | Innovations and Inventions - Mysteries of World War II by Kyle Bruce
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I am a historical explorer, looking into the more untouched parts of it where all the unknown mysteries lie in wait for people to learn about.I enjoy all kinds of wars but World War 1 and 2 are my focused topics with occasional interest towards other eras.
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Innovations and Inventions - Mysteries of World War II
This Graphy is meant to cover over vehicles from World War 2 that has never met a battlefield or were not built or even given a blueprint of their design. This is to teach you of all the other what could have been powerful war machines from the start, during and end of the war. We will be covering various countries, including some of the already not well-known nations that took part in World War 2, ranging from light tanks, all the way to self-propelled guns.Note:Some of the mentioned vehicles will also be tanks that have been already built, this is to give a rough said times of when these already used tanks were built, designed, and presented with the prototype tanks.This Graphy is good for anyone, even those who know little of military history as this is aimed to give you inspiration for other skills that involve making things or in general are a based invention of your own creativity.
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