Graphy | HTML & CSS from 0 to 1 by Aakash Pawar
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Hi, I'm a web developer and content creator. I have a YouTube channel with 2000+ subscribers.I make videos around web development and building responsive web IUs. You will also find videos around Linux and system dual boot. I'm a Udemy instructor and a blogger and have written articles around web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Laravel which are published on GeeksforGeeks.
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HTML & CSS from 0 to 1
In this Graphy, Aakash will help you to get started with HTML and CSS, from the basics, and all the way, through building a static website. You will learn to create different HTML pages and add styling to it using CSS. All the chapters are designed in such a way that it is easy to follow along. In every chapter, you will be learning a topic based on HTML and CSS, and after that, at the end of the chapter, you will be implementing the things you learned in the chapter. In this way,you will learn things, and at the same time, build it and test it out. At the end of this Graphy, you will have a static website ready to use. This Graphy is for those who know nothing about HTML and CSS and are total beginners, or those who know a little something but want to know more and also build a website along the way. If you are one of those then this graphy is for you. Purchasing this Graphy will give you complete access to this Graphy with all the upcoming chapters as well. So turn on your PC and let's dive into the world of web development!
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