Graphy | How To Do Makeup by Ramsha Sultan
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I am a Beauty & Lifestyle Content Creator. I am also an Electronics & Communication Engineer and havedone Masters in Marketing and International Business. I believe in creating useful content which can add some value in others life.
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How To Do Makeup
In this Graphy, Ramsha Sultan shall be taking you through the most basic steps of how to do your own makeup. She believes that makeup is essential for people to know as it not only encourages your confidence but a skill that encourages your creativity, your imaginations, and motor skills. The course follows chapters dedicated to each part of your face, from your skin to your eyebrows and from your eyeliner to your lips.Each chapter is slow and allows you to learn with her and keep up with her pace as she guides you through the joys of makeup. Join her now to be able to learn a skill that will pay off for the rest of your life!
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