Graphy | How To Become A Successful Sales Leader by Henning Schwinum
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Global Leader & Entrepreneur | Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership | Growth forSME Scale-Ups | Board Member
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How To Become A Successful Sales Leader
In this Graphy, Henning Schwinum, who has spent over 20 years building, transforming and leading global sales teams reaches out to you. He is a very passionate individual who has gained immense knowledge over the years on the value of great sales leadership and the success it brings to organizations. He believes that it is essential that every company has a great sales leader. Within the chapters of this Graphy, he will be breaking down how to define target markets and personas,develop messaging, pricing, understand sales operations and leaf qualifications. At the end of every chapter, you will leave with more skills to apply to your current job or a job you aim to take up in the future. This Graphy is for all, from individuals taking their first steps to people who want to polish up their skills. Begin your journey to a successful sales leader now!
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