Graphy | Healthy Junk Food by Jyoti Dalmia
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I am a food YouTuber and a Dietician, trying to make food in an easy way for everyone to enjoy.I have a niche in Ketogenic, Low Carb, & Healthy Foods (Vegetarian & Eggless).
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Healthy Junk Food
Jyoti Dalmia, a Youtuber in the niche of Health and Low Carb diet, shall be sharing her favorite healthy and delicious recipes that she has taken to a new level of taste and comfort. The food that we love and enjoy to the fullest, whether it's a burger or pizzas or even street foods shall be covered within the various chapters of this Graphy - but with a healthy twist! There shall also be tons of tips, tricks, food swaps,and ideas so that one can eat healthily without destroying the happiness and taste that is associated with food! This graphy will help you enjoy your food cravings and stay healthy and happy. There will be tons of fun as well with interactive quizzes so that by the end of your journey with this Graphy, you will be able to find ways of staying healthy in your day to day life absolutely guilt-free. So, get on board the roller coaster of healthy eating with Healthy Junk Food now!
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