Graphy | Healthy & Gluten-free Recipes by Selma by Selma Mönkäre
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I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Blogger & Recipe Creator. I create healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes!When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with IBS. Living with food restrictions has taught me how to cook foods that I can eat. Healthy Eats That Taste Like Treats is my Motto!
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Healthy & Gluten-free Recipes by Selma
In this Graphy I'll share healthy & delicious gluten-free recipes with you! I am a certified Sports Nutritionist. This graphy is perfect for you if you are looking for some healthy eating inspiration. I’ll be sharing breakfast recipes, yummy snacks, tasty lunch ideas, dinner recipes, quick meal ideas for busy people and of course a lot of delicious desserts in this graphy. Many of my recipes are also dairy-free and some of them are even vegan. Healthy Eats that taste like treats is my motto!Join me today and learn many healthy and yummy recipes and be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle!
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