Graphy | Having fun with watercolours by Amelina Jones
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Hi! I am a freelance watercolour illustrator and writer, sitting on a mountain somewhere on earth.I am known here as Amelina Jones. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, in fact, my first art material was a pot of jam, so I am told. I work on detailed and colourful paintings, ones which I often use to illustrate my rambling imagination and to provide glimpses into my whimsical worlds. I love seeing the worlds and characters in my head come to life on paper and giving them a story to live in. I spend a lot of time painting in my little home garden that consists of two sassy geraniums, a wild rose whose gossip is totally unreliable and a softly spoken Jasmin plant. Plants are really important to me and my artwork, I love incorporating them into my illustrations when I can and painting them in all their beauty.
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Having fun with watercolours
Having fun with watercolours will focus on building skills and confidence in using watercolours for beginners, in a fun and playful way. It will be broken down into seven chapters, each chapter will talk about a different skill or technique you can develop as we work on watercolour projects. Introduction to the Graphy and what you can expect from the following chapters: Basic watercolours What are watercolours and an introduction to this waterbased media.Using wet on wet What is wet in wet and how it works. Using wet on dry What is wet on dry and how it works. Creating simple and cute characters What do you need to make a simple cute character out of shapes, textures and colours. Creating hair and fur The techniques you can use to create textures and hair details. Skin tones How to mix skin tones and how to use them. Using colours to bring out emotions How colours can help bring out emotions and how to use them in a watercolour painting/illustration. At the end of this Graphy, you should have seven finished watercolour illustrations using the different tools and techniques that you have learnt about and tried throughout the chapters.
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