Graphy | Handstands 4 Everyone by Sondre Berg
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My name is Sondre and I am a movement, Calisthenics (bodyweight training)and handbalancing specialist,artist and coach. I have been training and performing for nearly a decade and coaching both beginner and advanced athletes for half a decade. The past few months I have also been focusing on online coaching and content creation. I aspire to create a community of likeminded spirits craving absolute body control, awareness, strength and balance.
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Handstands 4 Everyone
In this Graphy, Sondre shall be introducing the concept of handstands for all those who have been aspiring to start their journey. Sondre has created this Graphy such that you will slowly progress through the basics until you are able to hold the most perfect handstand! Within these Chapters, you will find content that will help you fix up on techniques, aim at your core, and balance while effectively working on your strength.This Graphy is meant for those in their beginner level to slowly take them forward and make them intermediate level. The chapters will cover topics such as; getting comfortable upside-down, getting strong enough, preventing injuries, learning to balance, fun drills, common pitfalls, correct body positioning, stretching, and much more. Get upside down, to a new world of handstands!
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