Graphy | Gurdeep Basic Magic Class (Hindi) by Gurdeep Singh Babbar
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Gurdeep Singh Babbar Perform & Teach - Magic & Puppet Show * World’s First Sikh Puppet Artist * Experience of 24 years * 20 T.V.programs & serials like India ke mast kalander & so on… * PROMOTION of FILM "Son of Sardar" through Magic Show * Approximately 2,000 Schools Shows in INDIA * More than 1500 achievements : Created Record to perform alone 40 puppets in 30 minutes, Awards, Rewards, Medals, Mementos, Shields, Certificates, Praman Patra, Feedback forms and Appreciation letters, Awarded as Indian Media Welfare Association Award 2018, Ministry of Science & so on… * Provided Training and Rented props & instruments for play waqt guzar jaata hai in National School of Drama Campus, Bahawalpur House, Delhi-1 * Performed Magic in Taj Mahotsav 2014, Agra for 10 Days * India International Trade Fair, Pragati Maidan, Delhi- 1996, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 * Shown magic & puppet show in more than 70 cities & villages ALL OVER INDIA * Manufacture, Performer, Teach, Rent Magic items & puppets * Comedian Magician & Puppet Artist
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Gurdeep Basic Magic Class (Hindi)
It is a specially curated, While session one comprises of basic tricks, session two introduces them to a set of advanced tricks. The course aims to improve creativity, dexterity, stage presence, communication and confidence , through magic, with items easily available at home. The idea is for Learner to have magic on their fingertips and equip them to perform with items that are readily available in their surroundings.This is known as ‘Gurdeep Magic Class ’ where Learner will be able to perform anywhere and standout in a crowd.
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