Graphy | GRE 340 - Master The Art of Taking the GRE Exam by Sachin Pullil
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GRE 340 - Master The Art of Taking the GRE Exam
How do you get a perfect 340 on the GRE? It's simple. You learn from a 340 scorer. Hi, my name is Sachin Pullil. In this Graphy, I am going to show you how I got a perfect 340 on my GRE and teach you my best exam techniques so you can achieve your dream GRE score, too! This Graphy contains an overview of the GRE exam, the syllabus, a preparation plan flexible to your schedule, know-how on how you can build a strong Mathematical foundation,discussion of the GRE Reading Comprehension section and strategies to tackle it, tips to craft fantastic GRE essays, and an exploration into the art of taking practice tests to boost your exam score. All this and much more :) See you inside!
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