Graphy | Goal Setting & Goal Getting by Rajesh C R
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I Started my career as a civil engineer and spent more than two decades In the construction of infrastructure projects for multinational companies,where I worked with the best. To teach, has always been my passion since my college days which is why I took up training, a couple of years ago, after completing my master diploma in training & development, from IATD. Currently, I am working as a freelance trainer, imparting soft skills, to the executives of corporate companies such as, Karix, Sun branding solutions, Schneider electric and many more. I have developed online courses in areas such as communication skills, work life balance, attitude building & currently working on my core subject, which is to optimise individual performance both at a personal & professional level through emotional intelligence, on Udemy.
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Goal Setting & Goal Getting
In this Graphy, you will learn everything about how to set and achieve your goals. Here is a chapter outline: A. INTRODUCTION 1. Meaning of Goal & Goal Setting 2. Why do we need to Set Goals ? 3. History behind Goal Setting B. NATURE 1. Life Goals (Big Picture) 2. Long Term Goals 3. Short Term Goals 4. 5 zones of Life C. TYPES 1. Performance Goals 2. Learning Goals 3. Macro Level Goals 4. Inaction Goals D. EXAMPLES FOR GOAL SETTING 1. Vision Statements 2.Mission Statements 3. S M A R T Goals 4. M B O E. KEY PRINCIPLES 1. Clarity 2. Challenge 3. Complexity 4. Commitment 5. Feedback F. EXAMPLES OF GOAL GETTING 1. G R O W 2. Model ‘X’ 3. Eliminate Bad Habits 4. Avoid Procrastination 5. Practical Tips G. RESEARCH RESULTS 1. Facts & Figures 2. Top Universities 3. Positive Results H. CONCLUSION 1. Summarise 2. Final Message 3. Gratitude Let's get started on your Goal Setting & Goal Getting Journey !
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