Graphy | Fundamentals of Digital Art in Photoshop (Hindi) by Shubham Ghonge
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Hi my name is Shubham Ghonge, I'm a digital artist scene 2016 and professional artist scene 2019,I do freelance work on Fiverr, I'm specialized in graphic designing, character design, movie psoter designing it is.
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Fundamentals of Digital Art in Photoshop (Hindi)
This Graphy is for people who want to become digital artists but don't know where to begin. Shubham will cover the basics of digital arts that are not only applicable to Photoshop but other similar software also. Like basics of typography, how to create ideas, do's and don'ts, and etc. In this Graphy, you will learn to remove/change the background, multiple image blending. The knowledge you are going to gain from this Graphy can be used to create many types of digital media.
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