Graphy | From Basic Shapes to Pieces of Art by Cristina Luengo
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Hi! I’m Cristina, an artist based in Barcelona. I've always loved drawing and painting,and started oil painting at a very young age. Growing up I started leaving art aside and focusing more on other things, which led me to becoming a software engineer - quite the opposite of an artist! It wasn't until 2018 that I decided to pick up the most basic watercolour palette, some cheap brushes and start painting again, and I obviously fell in love with it. That's why, after some months painting and experimenting with watercolours, I decided to take it seriously and started practicing on a daily basis to become better every day. Ever since then, I’ve been sharing my works online and working in the illustration field, which has been a dream come true!
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From Basic Shapes to Pieces of Art
Do you want to learn how to draw but you don't know where to start? In this Graphy, I'll share with you everything I've learned through the years and some useful tips that have helped me a lot. We’ll also go through the basic materials that you’ll need to use, how you can simplify your drawings so you can create good sketches, and how to bring your drawings to life by studying the basics of shading and coloring.You will learn specific techniques for drawing the human face and how to build your drawings from a base structure. And last but not least, we’ll see some basic coloring techniques (such as watercolors) so you can create beautiful and vibrant pieces of art. I hope you enjoy this Graphy and let’s start creating!
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