Graphy | French for Beginners | Master the French basics by Joel
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Cool native French teacher & Influenceur
French for Beginners | Master the French basics
Learn to speak French with Joel - Focus on everyday vocabulary and conversation. With this Graphy, you will learn to speak quickly French from scratch. /// Who is this Graphy for? I designed this Graphy for absolute beginners. If you have never learnt French before, then this Graphy is perfect for you. If you know some words already, you can further expand your vocabulary by progressing through this Graphy, learning the material and gaining exposure to ensure you have the foundations correct./// What you’ll learn You’ll learn how to quickly build French sentences just like the locals do by understanding fundamental vocabulary: - Numbers - A large range of useful vocabulary - Easily build sentences - Grammar - Present and futur tense - Ask and answer questions - Small talks - And much more with just few minutes / day /// What’s included in this Graphy: - Dialogues to practice - Reviews - Quizzes - Bonus quizzes - Recaps of the vocabulary to download
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