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Boasting a vast array of original models by Kyle Boyer and other professionals, Foldable Flight is the internet’s leading source for paper airplane tutorials and products.With hundreds of thousands of followers and planes that will blow your mind, we take great joy in spreading the love of flight across the globe!
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Foldable Flight's Incredible Paper Airplanes
Featuring 15 exceptional paper airplanes with step-by-step tutorials, Foldable Flight’s Incredible Paper Airplanes teaches you how to fold some of the best planes in the world! Created by renowned paper airplane designer Kyle Boyer, these amazing planes offer endless entertainment. This Graphy includes darts that will shoot through the air at high speeds, gliders that will float gently across a room, a plane that spirals as it flies,and even a boomerang plane that will fly in a circle back to you! No scissors, tape, or glue required, each plane is folded from a single sheet of paper and nothing else. With planes for beginners, expert folders, and everyone in between, anyone can experience the magic of flight!
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