Graphy | Flute Melodies: The Indian Classical Way by Palak Jain
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Palak Jain is an Indian Classical Flutist who gained popularity through her Youtube channel called 'The Golden Notes'which has more than a million subscribers and several of her videos has hit more than 10 million views. She has been playing Indian bamboo flute for almost 10 years now. Palak has a huge fan following across all social media platforms, mainly for her unique and soothing style of playing the flute. She has also been teaching flute for the past 3 years with both online and offline
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Flute Melodies: The Indian Classical Way

Going Live on08 Oct at 12:30 pm

In this Graphy, Palak will teach how to play the flute from basics until the intermediate level. The basics of flute-like holding it the right way, notations, and breathing techniques along with concepts of Indian classical music such as swaras, layas, gamakas, alankars, and ragas will be covered. Palak will also be deep-diving into 2 different ragas and will demonstrate playing them on a flute.

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