Graphy | Fire and Spice by Sandeep Pandit
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The first contestant in the history of MasterChef Australia (2019), who won an immunity Pin with a perfect score.Sandeep was given the title of ‘The Spice Angel’ by the Australian Media. Sandeep believes in the power of food, to connect people. In 'Fire and Spice', Sandeep is bringing the Indian flavors & cooking traditions, into the much loved western summer pastime of BBQ (lovingly called a Barbie in Australia). Learn the art and science of BBQ, through the prism of Spices.
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Fire and Spice
Cooking on Fire is primeval to us Humans. Handling fire was perhaps the first feat of technology that we mastered. Now ages later, the charm of cooking food on Open flames or with a hint of smoke is still a favorite summer past time for many of us. Join me, your 'The Spice Angel', Sandeep Pandit, from MasterChef Australia Season 11, in my Graphy 'Fire and Spice'. I will bring you my secrets of turning a regular BBQ, into an amazing experience. Learn the science behind it all,and make your own spice rubs. This series will help you connect Indian cooking traditions, with cooking on a BBQ. Get ready to experience the world of cooking on a BBQ, with cooking inspirations from a traditional Indian cook.
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