Graphy | Find Your Niche - The Art of Mobile Photography and Content Creation by Zamaswazi Kubeka
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I think creativity is just intelligence having fun, I believe that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of a human soul,because everything you imagine is real. My name is Zamaswazi Kubeka and I am a content creator and digital marker. I extensively look into content creation tools one can use to advance their craft and make it unique. I also look into social media algorithms, to find ways to grow your account organically, efficiently, and effectively in the digital world.
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Find Your Niche - The Art of Mobile Photography and Content Creation
Looking at the evolution of cell phones, it is undebatable that the digital space has completely evolved. As a result, content creation is convenient, more fun, and creativity is limitless. Whether it be for your business or personal brand, our cameras have advanced tremendously and even help us earn some money from Mobile Photography; we see digital content creators do it every day.Many photographers who used to carry their hefty DSLRs have started to use more and more of their smartphones to shoot and the term "Photographer" is no longer associated with owning a professional camera. This Graphy is going to explore the limitless possibilities of mobile photography and how it can be integrated into the digital space of social media by extensively going through the tools and knowledge you will need to start your mobile photography journey. By the end of this Graphy, you will have a thorough understanding of mobile photography, the editing tools needed, the algorithm, content creation, and content planning to start your digital journey. Hop right in!
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