Graphy | Feeling S.A.D.? (Stress, Anxiety & Depress) Let TCM help you by Clement Ng Shin Kiat
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Dr Clement Ng, Founder and Principal Consultant of TCMandYou Pte. Ltd., Doctor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine),MBA (Strategic Management). He is effectively bicultural and bilingual in English and Chinese. Dr Clement Ng is the Chairman of the Technical Committee for Complementary Medicine and Health Products in Singapore, formed under the Biomedical and Health Standards Committee of Singapore Standards Council. Dr Clement Ng is the Vice President of Singapore Acupuncture Association.
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Feeling S.A.D.? (Stress, Anxiety & Depress) Let TCM help you
Are you feeling Stress! Anxious! Or Feeling depressed? Just about every one of us feels these emotions at some time or another. These are common reactions to life’s challenges, from losing a loved one, to going through a major crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic which many of us are facing, all over the world. On the surface, these states of emotion look a lot alike, but there are distinct differences.You will learn the important of Qi regulation in our body to manage such emotional feeling. In the course, I will share with you TCM View on Stress, Anxiety and Depression. TCM health care methods such as Acupressure massage using your two hands to release tension within the body. You will also learn the simple use of medicated diet to complement the treatment and meditation and breathing techniques to bring yourself in to a dynamic balance state. This graphy is design for you, who care enough to acknowledge the needs to gain control of your own emotional feeling and those of your loved ones, and to commit the time to learn alternative method from a TCM perspective. I look forward to see you in the student area. I wish your health, happiness and peace.
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