Graphy | Faux Calligraphy Masterclass: Using any Pen or Pencil by Niru's Calligraphy
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Niru is a Calligraphy artist and teacher with an experience of 5+ years and a background in design.He has taught over 1000+ students and travelled across india to conduct workshops. He practices Modern and Traditional Calligraphy, Faux Calligraphy, Chalk Lettering , Signages, Logo designing and all things related to letters. With his Instagram profile (@niruscalligraphy), he helps creative people learn the art of Calligraphy through online courses and helpful video content.
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Faux Calligraphy Masterclass: Using any Pen or Pencil
Always wanted to learn Calligraphy and better your handwriting? This Graphy's got you covered. Learn the beautiful art of Faux Calligraphy using any Pen or Pencil that you have. At the end of this Graphy, you'll be able to create eye-catchy quotes on your own using Calligraphy and a hobby that is: • Therapeutic • Stress Buster • Increases Creativity • An additional income. This graphy is a step-by-step journey with no prior knowledge required. We'll look at the basic strokes,letter formation, word formation, sentence, and structuring a quote. We'll also learn tips and tricks to level up your game. Get ready to start your journey into this beautiful land of Calligraphy.
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