Graphy | Faux Calligraphy: Letter Using Any Pen! by Anna Kamal
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Anna started her journey in Brush Pen Calligraphy in 2017. She has learnt Calligraphy from both online and offline workshops by different Calligraphers worldwide.As a former educator, she has alwas been passionate about teaching. She loves innovating her lessons to make them bite-sized, fun and simple especially for beginner. She believes that learning Calligraphy does not need to be intimidating and would love spread the joy of this beautiful art to those who have been meaning to try it out!
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Faux Calligraphy: Letter Using Any Pen!
Do you know that you do not need to have a Brush Pen or any special tool to do Calligraphy? Do you have a pencil? Or a pen? And a paper? Guess what? You are good to go! In this Graphy, I will be sharing with you the difference between Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. After which, you will be learning the foundation of Faux Calligraphy which is the Basic Strokes - Downstrokes and Upstrokes. After understanding the fundamental, we will then learn the 4 principles in order to create your letters.Once you have excelled in forming letters, I will be sharing a special chapter on The Art of Connecting Letters where you get to master connecting letters to make your words look neat, beautiful and consistent! I will also be sharing with you 3 basic layouts that you can use to beautify your quotes. This Graphy will be filled with many tips and tricks as well as the common mistakes you should avoid when doing Faux Calligraphy. Lastly, I will be sharing with you some practical tips on how your can incorporate Calligraphy into your daily lives such as gifting your loved ones with a personalized message using Calligraphy! You will also get to create your own masterpieces by the end of this Graphy! Let's start your Calligraphy journey with me now :)
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