Graphy | Establish a 10 Day Sketchbook Habit by Windy Iris
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Windy Iris is an artist and pattern designer, mostly working with bright colours and natural motifs.She enjoys teaching and sharing fun and creative project tutorials.
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Establish a 10 Day Sketchbook Habit
Hi and welcome. In this graphy I will be taking you along on a journey to establish a 10-day sketchbook habit. In a world where we spend lots of our time online or on the computer, keeping a traditional sketchbook can be a way to relax and have some fun being creative. We’ll be working through ten different pages in this graphy, covering a separate page in each chapter and I’ll be sharing my tips for ways to approach the page, drawing ideas,coloring and more Chapters: Sketchbooks and supplies Day 1: Starting with Scribbles Day 2: Fun Florals Day 3: Time for Tea Day 4: Abstract Doodles Day 5: Boxes Day 6: Pineapple Gradients Day 7: Friendly Faces Day 8: Study Page Day 9: Drawing Patterns Day 10: Seasons in a Bottle Where to go next? Further ideas and inspiration This graphy is suitable for beginners who want to dive into creating art or anyone else looking for some ideas and inspiration for their sketchbooks. By the end of the graphy you will have ten completed pages in your sketchbook and tried out lots of ideas and techniques that you can take with you on your creative journey. I hope you will join me. Grab your sketchbook and let get started.
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