Graphy | Electricity by Vishesh Nigam
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Physics teacher | Engineer | Worked at 3M | Khan Academy talent hunt finalist So happy to have you reading this! Over last 20 years,my love for physics has grown with every new student I've come in touch with. In these years I have really come to understand the discomfort a student goes through when he or she tries to figure out this beautiful subject. When I create courses, I think deeply around the areas where students struggle. My lessons tackle these parts in depth. The lessons become a lot easier to understand through the animation I build to teach the concepts. This helps my students move a lot faster between lessons. Do check out the the free sample videos in each course Please feel free to write to me any questions you might have. I'll be happy to answer your queries personally. Best wishes!
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Electricity can cover a lot of ideas in physics including electric field, electric field lines, electric potential, electric charge, current and then also get into the field of magnetism. Interestingly, all these ideas are interrelated. So as an example, the presence of a charge produces an electric field that can make a charge move and the motion of a charge constitutes an electric current that produces a magnetic field! Learn in these chapters, step by step,how you can simplify these concepts and connect them together to make sense of the topic of electricity
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