Graphy | Drawing Mantra for Beginners (Hindi) by Siddhesh Mahalkar
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Siddhesh Mahalkar is a Self-taught artist from Maharashtra, India who is drawing since the age of 6 and he learnt drawing from experimenting,training, and videos. He received an ‘A ‘ grade in the Intermediate Drawing exam. He also has a youtube channel named Draw with Sid where he showcases his art skills & teaches his subscribers to sketch and paint in an easy way. His goal to make everyone believe that they can draw too and become good artists.
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Drawing Mantra for Beginners (Hindi)
Drawing is the best thing to express our emotions. Drawing is the skill that not only helps to unleash our creativity but also keeps calm & in the discipline. This Graphy will make you believe that you can draw too even if you are a Beginner & have no clue from where to start. ● Chapter 1: Why drawing? & Basic Drawing Materials ● Chapter 2: Lines, textures & Still Life ● Chapter 3: Shading,Highlights & Beginner Mistakes ● Chapter 4: Human Faces & parts ● Chapter 5: Easy Watercolouring using Poster colors ● Chapter 6: Oil Pastel & my self-learning
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