Graphy | Don't just be a SINGER, Be a ROCKSTAR! by Srushti Barlewar
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A Passionate Singer-Songwriter. I love, love Experimenting with Music, Languages, Genre, Love Performing.So join me In this Journey and let's Rock it!!!
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Don't just be a SINGER, Be a ROCKSTAR!
HEYO Everybody⚡💜 I am Srushti Barlewar and I am Going to Help you Transform into a ROCKSTAR, A Power-Packed Performer. With an Experience of Rocking the Stage/Concert more than 500+ Times To having Performed in India Biggest Reality Shows like Voice, Saregamapa, and Rising Star!!! To have a YouTube Channel with 1.77 Lakh+ Subscribers, Millions of Views, Now it's YOUR CHANCE!!! 1) Did you get on Stage to Sing but Could not Sing Confidently? 2)Felt Nervous about singing in front of a huge Audience, Crowd? 3) Felt like you are going to Forget the Lyrics and Mess up Your Performance? 4) Felt like the Crowd is Not Paying attention to your Singing? 5) Felt like You Sang the Best Still you did not wing the Competition? And much more... Well...THEN YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!! I AM GOING TO TELL U THE SECRETS TO BE A ROCKSTAR ON STAGE AND MAKE EVERYONE GO CRAZY EVERYTIME YOU SING!!! What are you waiting for??? I am waiting for you⚡💜
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