Graphy | Discover Your Inner Photographer & Transform Your Mindset by Olaf Reinen
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Olaf Reinen has been a professional photographer since he was 17 years old. He honed his skills in weddings and portraits,and then went on to become involved in photographing cats and dogs, and then wild animals. From there his Photography adventures continued with more weddings and portraits, and also commercial Photography. During this time, he also began to study many aspects of psychology, philosophy, human development, and personality profiling, amongst others. For the past 10 years Olaf has taught Photography Day Tours in various parts of the world, including Greece, Spain, New Zealand, and Dubai. This is where he developed his philosophy on Photography, based on his observation on how people behave naturally, and where they can improve their knowledge and skills. Through this experience, based on his vast Photography knowledge and love of observing human nature, the idea for this book was born. The hope is to help people learn about themselves and about their photography, so that they can become better at creating the photos they really desire to create. When he is not living and breathing Photography, you will find Olaf in his home country of Holland, most likely taking photo tours on the streets of Amsterdam.
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Discover Your Inner Photographer & Transform Your Mindset
Do you struggle with creating the photographs that you really want to take? Well, I know how you feel! In my experience, normally the limitations we have are in our head! I have developed a powerful but simple process for taking great photos. It involves the Heart, the Mind, and then the Camera. In Part 1, I discuss how our human nature affects our thinking, what limits us, and how to break through to make better photos. Once you understand the 'Why', then the 'How'of using your camera becomes much easier! But that's not all. In Part 2, I give you great tips on Composition, Color, and Form. Having these tools in your arsenal will help you to always have ideas and inspiration for how to better compose your photos. Then, in Part 3, I put it all together in my simplified process of How to use your camera to get great results, every time. I have included a step-by-step process to follow, which will help you take better photos every time. My goal in photography is always about getting the result. I will teach you how I make this happen, so you get fabulous photos every time you shoot. PS: How do I know this process works? Because I have developed and refined these ideas for over 10 years, with hundreds of students, and they are unanimous in their praise for this method! This Graphy will challenge your thought process, and massively improve your photography! Join me now and Transform Your Mindset today!
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