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I am an art teacher and owner of Classy Artist Box!
Creative Kids Art with Kellie
In this Graphy, Kellie will guide you through the basics of art so you know everything you need to know to practice and improve your paintings and drawings! You will begin by learning about the primary colors and how to mix them into all the other colors of the rainbow! In our painting chapters, we will learn about tints and shades, making objects look round, and color mixing through an easy to make balloon painting!We will continue to talk about color mixing throughout the Graphy as we learn kid-friendly art language! Then, we will practice drawing techniques and learn all the tricks to create realistic drawings. We will start by practicing value scales and create simple shapes that look 3-D before moving on to drawing other, more complicated things! For the painting portion of this course you will need: -canvas -medium flat brush -size 5 round brush -size 0 brush -watercup -table cover (plastic or paper to protect your table) -acrylic paint: red, yellow, blue, black, and white. -watercolor paint For the drawing portions you will need: -2B, 4B, and 6B pencils -eraser (preferably a kneadable eraser) -blending stump -drawing paper -a ruler -small scrap paper to rest your hand on -soft pastels Visit for kits of supplies.
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