Graphy | Creating Portrait Art by Maria Arellano
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Maria Arellano is a Fine Art photographer who owns a portrait studio in Houston, Texas. She isknown for creating unique portraits for every client and for the last four years has been teaching aspiring and seasoned photographers how to create artistic photography while developing a personal and unique style. She hopes to help you find your own vision and tap into the artist inside of you.
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Creating Portrait Art
In this Graphy, Maria shall help you find inspiration for your own portrait photography and help you change every image into an artpiece. Under her guidance you will learn where to seek inspiration from, how to select your model and various other aspect! But, most importantly, she shall teach you how to bring your vision to life. The Chapters are creatively curated and flow into each other so that you are progressing to become a better artist as you finish each chapter.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, the tips within this Graphy shall help you feed the artist within you. It is Maria's promise, that once you finish this Graphy you will have the abilities to design and execute your own creative photoshoot. Enlighten and free your inner artist with Maria now!
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