Graphy | Create Watercolor Galaxies by Laura Sabel
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Creator of Watercolor Galaxies
Create Watercolor Galaxies
The reason Laura paints galaxies is that the process relaxes her regardless of the result. She hopes to pass that on to you through her Graphy. This Graphy is designed to provide you with the necessary foundation on how to create a nebula. You will explore day to day techniques using watercolor. This class is geared towards people who want to adventure right away without having the basic watercolor knowledge. That is how Laura started painting, and that is what she wants to pass on to you.You will learn: About her favorite materials The movements of the brush How to create color combinations How to prepare your paper How to make the form of your nebula and the size How to drop the color and how to blend it How to create the layers and mix them How to add/create the stars This Graphy is an Introductory Graphy to give you the necessary information to start creating right away and give yourself a calming break.
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