Graphy | Create Magical Illustrations by Zoe Sadler
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Zoe is an illustrator, children's author and designer. She would like to invite you into her illustratedand magical world. Zoe has a degree in Illustration and a post graduate diploma in Publishing. She has been illustrating professionally for the last 15 years. Most recently she has been creating super detailed 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles for Ravensburger and is currently writing her first middle grade fantasy adventure novel. She also like to create colouring sheets so others can get creative with her illustrations too. Zoe can also be found on Instagram and Patreon where she spends her time illustrating more magical and wondrous things.
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Create Magical Illustrations
Learn step by step how to create fun and magical illustrations. Start out simply and learn how to draw magical potion bottles using simple steps- from sketching your magical objects, to refining your line art, to creating a finished colour illustration. After learning the basics progress to creating magical characters; including a mermaid and even a dragon!I'll also show you how to add backgrounds and settings to your illustrations. And finish off this Graphy by creating your own simple story and produce a fun and magical zine! Ultimately, I will help you improve and develop your own style as an illustrator but most importantly let's create something magical together and have some fun! Sound and music credits:- Music 'Wonder and Magic' by Jay Man | OurMusicBox Website: YouTube:
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