Graphy | Confident Public Speaking by Russell Rowe
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Hi there. My name is Russell Rowe and when I'm not coaching or training public speaking and personal development,I’m hanging out with my beautiful wife, Ashley, and trying to find time with our 7 amazing and busy kids. Yep, seven. Before deciding to get a “real job”, I was a professional stage actor for many years. That experience gave me confidence and skill in front of an audience, and it was a natural transition into a career in learning and development. My mission is to help you be heard!
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Confident Public Speaking
Everyone has a great message to share and a powerful story to tell. The question is, with all the noise in the world, are you being heard? The world is a better place when you and your message can be heard. This Graphy is designed to help you with that! Additionally, increasing your confidence in speaking will inherently increase your confidence in other parts of your life. This Graphy will focus on public speaking but if you'd just like to be a little more confident in general,it can help with that, too. In this Graphy, you'll learn seven strategies to help you be a more confident public speaker. I've taken the seven components of public speaking that impact confidence the most and put together strategies for improving each of them. These techniques are designed to help you look and feel more confident before and during your presentation. After completing this Graphy you can expect to: Speak with confidence and credibility in front of any audience Have a tool for calming your nerves and anxiety when the pressure is on Be more influential when it counts Have more confidence in all aspects of your life Know how to engage your audience Know how to use your hands and gestures more effectively Understand the power of eye contact and how to use it comfortably Know how to get your audience to believe in you and your message
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