Graphy | Complete Guide To Magic Effects by Magical Dheeraj
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Professional Magician and Mentalist, featured in TV, News, Youtube Events any corporate & private events.With 300k family on Youtube.
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Complete Guide To Magic Effects
In this Graphy Dheeraj Shah, a professional magician and mentalist will be teaching you different magic effects and tricks with cards and coins. He has done shows for corporates and private gatherings. He loves his life while performing magic. Also got featured in TV, news, Youtube events and faced many proud moments in my life.He thanks to "MAGIC" for this. Vanish- makes something disappear. Production- produces something from nothing. Transformation- transforms something from one state into another. Restoration- destroys an object, then restores it to its original state. Transposition- two or more objects changes place. Teleportation- something move from one place to another. Levitation- making something float in the air Penetration- solid object pass through another Prediction- predicts the choice of a spectator or the outcome of an event. After learning those effects you can use your creativity to apply those methods with any object and create new effects.
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