Graphy | Complete Chakra Balancing Program by Geeta Sharma
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Geeta Sharma helps you heal all those karmas of yours which may be causing you physical, emotional,or psychological problems. Geeta Sharma discovered the wonderful world of Reiki in 2002. Geeta uses a combination of ancient healing techniques. She combines Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, dousing, and Tibetan singing bowls for healing purposes. She is also an expert numerologist, an astrologer, and a Tarot card reader and Vastu expert.
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Complete Chakra Balancing Program
Investing in a Chakra healing and meditation graphy will reap returns for you throughout your life. According to the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures, Chakras are spinning wheels of energy centers within us. There are 7 major Chakras or Energy Centers within our esoteric system. The ‘Prana’ i.e. the universal life force energy that pervades the Universe flows through the Chakras and keeps us running. We can say that Chakras are a kind of software that runs your physical body and your life.They have your past, present and future encoded in them. Your emotional and psychological well being and spiritual growth, your life, all are determined by how balanced and open your Chakra system is. If Chakras are healed, life is healed. Balanced Chakras lead to a healthy body, mind, and soul. Your life issues, be it materialistic or emotional will also get healed and solved with a balanced Chakra system. Balanced Chakras will create a balance in all aspects of your life. The Complete Chakra Balancing Program will give you an in-depth understanding of the 7 Chakra system and how to heal and balance your Chakras. You will have practical and easy lifestyle tips, affirmations, switch words, and guided meditations for healing your chakras with you always in this graphy.
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