Graphy | Chinese Pronunciation - A Complete Guide for Everyone by Audrey
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Hi, I'm Audrey from Janus Academy. We are an established language school based in Singapore,specializing in teaching Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
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Chinese Pronunciation - A Complete Guide for Everyone
Hi everyone. I'm Audrey, a native Chinese speaker. I've been teaching Mandarin Chinese for almost 10 years. Chinese is a tonal language, but I noticed that most Chinese textbooks or even teachers do not teach pronunciation well,that's why many Chinese language learners end up speaking like a foreigner even after years of study. This Graphy will teach you how to pronounce all the initials and finals in pinyin like a native speaker using simple techniques. No matter whether you are a beginner or an intermediate Chinese language student who struggles with Chinese tones or pronunciation, upon completion of this graphy, you will know how to pronounce like a native speaker. Trust me, it works! Let's get started!
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