Graphy | Character designing from simple geometric shapes by MARGANA
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MARGANA goes for Marta García Navarro and I’m a freelance illustrator and character designer from Spain! I started drawing when I was young,just after I watched Cinderella for the first time ever. Since then, I’ve always carried paper and a pencil when I wasn’t home and my school and college books and notebooks are completely filled with small illustrations on the blank spaces. You can imagine how proud my teachers were… I studied journalism (writing is my other passion) and media and I worked for some magazines and advertising companies just to realize what I really wanted to do was draw - draw for a living. I wanted to draw characters for Disney movies. So I searched for information and decided to complete a Masters degree in digital illustration, specializing in character design. I graduated and kept drawing and drawing and here I am three years later! I found my own style (it’s still very Disney-like) by trying different techniques, brushes and styles.
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Character designing from simple geometric shapes
Have you ever wanted to draw your own character? Here’s your chance! During this Graphy you’ll learn how to create and develop characters from simple shapes as circles, squares and triangles. Did you know the artist’s worst fear is the Blank Page? Well, here I’ll give you some tips on how to avoid getting stuck and find inspiration on shapes to build a great character. First we’ll start sketching trying to find the character we want to draw.Then we’ll proceed to choose the colors that fit that character and, finally, we’ll bring them to live by adding lights, shadows and textures During this course I will give you tips and show you the steps of my process to help you easily create appealing original characters on your own It doesn’t matter the level, wether or not you’ve been drawing for a long time or never have, this Graphy is for everyone who wants to learn how to capture the character they have in their minds on a digital canvas
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