Graphy | Celebrate the Classics of Piano Music by Michelle Lynne
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Canadian pianist Michelle Lynne is known for her dynamic and exciting performances,connecting with audiences in a personal and touching way. Based in the Netherlands, she has performed across Canada and Europe. She is the recipient of numerous awards and is in demand as a collaborative pianist and adjudicator. She is regularly invited to give masterclasses in International Schools as part of the Juilliard Global program. She received her Masters and Artist Diploma in Piano Performance.
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Celebrate the Classics of Piano Music
In this Graphy, designed for intermediate pianists, we will listen to four famous classical piano pieces. You will learn all about how to practice them, what to listen for, and my best tips and tricks to get you to be able to perform them and WOW your family and friends. In the last page of every chapter, I will perform the piece for you to inspire you and teach you to understand the music at a deeper level.There will also be prompts to connect with the music with another art form such as journaling, painting, or drawing. Michelle Lynne is a professional classical pianist who earned her Masters and Artist Diploma in Piano Performance. She believes in the healing power of music and loves how it brings people from around the world together. Upgrade your piano skills, learn how to practice more efficiently, and impress your family and friends when learn to perform these four famous piano pieces.
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