Graphy | Car Sketching - Basic to Professional by Mihir Godbole
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Hello car enthusiast! This is Mihir Godbole, an Automobile Designer from Maharashtra. In this Graphy,he will enlighten you with all the basics of Sketching Cars and other automobiles! From hand control to design thinking, he has got everything you need to develop your love for Car sketching and possibly become a Designer just like him! So what are you waiting for? Come, join him!
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Car Sketching - Basic to Professional
The ultimate guide to sketching a car professionally never came so easy and at your finger tips! This Graphy dives deep into the realm of automotives and how a proper car designer approaches a design. The thinking behind every successful car on the road today, is very crucial and sophisticated, which is properly explained by Mihir in this graphy. Here's a complete guide to car sketching right from ideations to awesome marker renderings to blow people's minds.
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