Graphy | BUONGUSTAIO: The Love for Food and Wine by Aditya Joshi
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Aspiring Chef. Love Indian Food Open to learning and Spreading my Knowledge
BUONGUSTAIO: The Love for Food and Wine
We all love to dine and sip a drink but what you see on your table is just a tip of the iceberg, let’s go behind the scenes on a journey with “Buonogustaio” to see all the beautiful work from the Chef’s eyes, so here we go!!! BUONGUSTAIO’s journey through different stations, exploring behind the scenes stopping by the history of food, its recipe, learning its preparation and putting your heart and soul will excite you. Chapter based upon the hospitality industry,capturing the nuances of it and the professionalism within the industry. From working in a kitchen to presenting a dish to the customer, the ups and downs, and the constraints, the physical and mental aspect, and how to maintain the ability to smile even in tough situations. Chapters about fermented foods, slow cooking, the Difference between restaurant-quality food and home-cooked food, the process behind making food and their reasons, so dive into the unending journey of food with me at BUONGUSTAIO
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