Graphy | Break Up with Stress For Good! by Selin Sari
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Hi! My name is Selin and I am a certified life and mindset coach! I've been in this field for 5 years and have helped people with various mindset blocks.I have helped people ... - overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage - reprogram their mind for success - easily create more abundance and joy in life - heal their relationships to themselves and others - find balance, inner peace, and fulfillment
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Break Up with Stress For Good!
Do you need a vacation? When was the last time you felt completely relaxed? No to do list, no deadlines and nothing to worry about?
Too long ago? No worries! In this Graphy, Selin teaches you different strategies and techniques on how to properly manage stress.

You will not only learn what stress actually is and how it is affecting your health but also how to identify main stressors in your life and find inner peace and balance in every life situation.What if every day could feel a little bit like vacation? Selin will give you the tools you can easily use every single day to reduce stress and create more relaxation. You will learn mindfulness exercises as well as breathing exercises that you can use any time.
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