Graphy | Booste Ton Français! (French) by Marion
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Hi, my name is Marion ! I live in Paris, I'm a French teacher and a digital content creator
Booste Ton Français! (French)
In this Graphy, Marion, a French Teacher and Digital Content Creator shall guide you through the beautiful language of French. This Graphy shall gear you up with basic skills you absolutely need to know if you plan to visit France, if you’re living in France or if you just want to speak authentic everyday French!This Graphy is easy to pick up if you have already got a basics in French but feel insecure and shy when you have to speak or hestitate cause you don’t know what to say in an everyday conversation. The Chapters are carefully curated to teach you conversation in multiple different scenarious, you should be able to order in a restraurant, make a reservation, have simple discussion in French and much more! This Graphy is aimed to make you feel more comfortable and more confident in your speaking and understanding skills. This Graphy will be 100% in French (and being this way more accessible to non-English speakers), for a beginner-intermediate level and we will mostly focus on oral skills!
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