Graphy | Bodypaint by Humanimals by Alex and Kate
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Alex and Kate are originally from Russia, but have been living in London for number of years (20 and 10 years respectfully). From early 2000's Alex has been modelling and acting.Highlights include appearance in Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla", and shoot with Naomi Campbell for "the Interview" Magazine. In 2007/8 Alex founded Humanimals, and Kate joined him in 2015. Kate has also been modelling and acting and starred in Samsung Commercial 2 years ago.
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Bodypaint by Humanimals
In this Graphy Alex & Kate will let you inside their creative process of the Humanimals, where Kate will be painting Alex's body to make him look like different animals. Kate will conduct the painting process. The idea is to create a different animal character for each Chapter within this Graphy, which would be gradually updated as they come along with the next paint job. Each painting process is very time consuming and takes an average between 6 and 8 hours to complete. Because of this,the process would be greatly sped up to show the progress more strikingly and entertainingly, with the voiceover explaining and describing what's going on. There will be some chapters incorporating the fully painted Humanimal going out for a walk in Central London. Looking forward to you joining them on this weird, wonderful, and sometimes unexpected journey.
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