Graphy | Beginner's Guide to Being a YouTuber by Tia & Andy
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We're Tia and Andy and we both love to travel! We work full time in the tech industry,but during our spare time we are always planning our next adventure! We love to share our travel experiences, along with tips and tricks on planning, packing, finding great flight deals, and everything travel related. As we continue to grow our side hustle into a business, we will also share how we do it!
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Beginner's Guide to Being a YouTuber
Have you ever thought about starting your own YouTube channel, but didn't know where to start? Do you want to be like your favourite YouTube star, earning money doing something you love? In this Graphy, we're going to teach you everything you know to build your own YouTube channel from the ground up. We're Tia and Andy! By day, we both work full time in the tech industry, but by night, we're YouTubers. We started our YouTube channel a couple years ago for fun,but it didn't take long for our passion project to turn into our side hustle. With over a thousand followers and income rolling in each day, our YouTube channel is officially a full fledged business. It wasn't always easy and was definitely a learning process to get from 0 subscribers to monetized. So in this Graphy we want to share EVERYTHING we've learned with you! Each chapter will cover important information in getting your YouTube channel started, to running it, to monetizing. The topics will include choosing your niche, setting up your channel, choosing your gear, where yo film, how to analyze the stats, SEO (search engine optimization) and how to grow, and lastly monetization.
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