Graphy | Become a Violin Rockstar! - The First Steps by Crista Shoemake
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Violin Artist Crista Guthrie Shoemake is a performer, arranger, music educator, and ambassador based in Salt Lake City,UT. Her bourgeoning career has taken her around the country, as well as internationally, and has allowed her to share the stage. She is a certified Suzuki method Violin instructor and has taught children as young as 2 and as old as 55. She often engages in teaching through online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.
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Become a Violin Rockstar! - The First Steps
The violin is considered to be the "baby" of the orchestral strings family, and thus is the most popular to learn. Whether your goal is to learn classical, fiddle, pop, or rock, everyone starts in the same place. So, let's hope in on the fun! My name is Crista Shoemake and I have been playing the violin for 23 years, and teaching for 10 years. I earned a bachelor's and master's degree in Violin Performance as well as extra teacher training in the Suzuki method.I love sharing my knowledge of this wonderful instrument with others, and can't wait for you to learn from my Graphy! In this Graphy, I provide tips on proper violin sizes, holding the violin and bow correctly, pursuing a beautiful tone, learning some introductory songs, and will send you on your own to perform Twinkle with a fun backtrack!
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